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Have good self-awareness and be open
to personal development

When you enter college, don't leave your values and good instincts behind. That's when you need them: when you're on your own and you are being bombarded with new experiences and new people.

Not all experiences and not all people are positives in your life. You have to maintain a filter through which you will pick and choose what you want to do and with whom. This does not mean that you should avoid anything new or different -- that is part of the richness of the college experience.

Be aware that sometimes the choices you make are a matter of your own safety and well being, so choose carefully. As Greg, a sophomore at a small college in Iowa, said, "Don't chase people around naked in your dorm if you can't handle the repercussions."

The bottom line is: Socially, stay safe; intellectually, open yourself to new ideas.

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